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  US Ambassador hopes to strengthen relations with VN
The United States and Viet Nam has made remarkable progress in bilateral relations in only 20 years, and are laying strong foundations for their future growth, US Ambassador Ted Osius said on Friday.
  China never properly explains its U-shaped line
China has claimed sovereignty to more than 80 percent of the East Sea (aka the South China Sea) based on a “U-shaped line” drawn by itself without any proper explanations or any historical and legal evidence.
  Vietnamese law enforcement forces maintain uncompromising spirit
Chinese oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 was illegally located at the at 15 degrees 33 minutes 36 seconds north latitude and 111 degrees 34 minutes 11 seconds east longitude, the Viet Nam Fisheries Surveillance Department reported on Tuesday.
  Late Vietnam PM’s letter gives no legal basis to China’s island claim
China has produced a letter written by North Vietnam’s former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong in 1958 as proof that it holds sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands; experts agree, however, that the late PM had no legal authority to do so.
  US commerce secretary in Vietnam to push TPP
US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker led a business delegation to meet with Vietnamese leaders and her counterpart in Hanoi on Monday.
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     US calls for halt to land reclamation in S. China Sea - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/world/united-states/story/us-calls-halt-land-reclamation-s-china-sea-20150529#sthash.rFwyv9FJ.dpuf
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     Singapore Forum a Chance for Cooler Heads on South China Sea
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     Vietnam’s Leadership Transition In 2016: A Preliminary Analysis
     9 companies submit bids to buy stake in Sabeco, deal size set to be over $1B
     Vietnam, S. Korea boost defense ties
     Vietnam deepens industrial ties with France and India
     TPP: The other negotiators / Vietnam could benefit with footwear, apparel
     Vietnam index closes at over 9-wk high, volumes up
     Vietnam, China back South Korea’s opposition to Japan’s UNESCO bid
     Vietnam wants more fun and games in Spratlys
     Textile players eye investment in Vietnam
     Vietnamese asylum-seeker boat sent back, Australian commander confirms
     Vietnam M&A Review: New laws, FTAs to bolster transactions
     Vietnam index rises 0.2 pct, banks gain after mergers
     Russia OKs draft deal on free trade between Eurasian Economic Union, Vietnam
     India assures Vietnam commitment to strategic partnership
     Maybank Kim Eng to increase capital invested in Vietnam in two years
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     Beijing voices concern over Indonesia’s blowing up of Chinese fishing boat
     Why is China Militarising the South China Sea?
     Lower the temperature in South China Sea
     South China Sea: China warns US to leave
     US military flight over South China Sea escalates tensions
     China, U.S. assert rights after exchange over South China Sea
     Vietnamese FM to visit Thailand, Myanmar to boost ties
     EU meat exports to Vietnam surge
     From Vietnam and now Burma
     US warns China over provocative ‘sandcastles’ in South China Sea
     China’s Sea Aggression to Bring Vietnam, U.S. Closer, Says Osius
     U.S. Navy Ship Met Chinese Vessel on South China Sea Patrol
     China warns U.S. surveillance plane
     US patrols of disputed islands a ‘positive step’, says Senator
     U.S. says South China Sea reclamations stoke instability
     How anti-communist Vietnamese refugees signed up for a cooperative farm
     Sino-French DPCA plans Peugeot assembly in Vietnam
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